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Cardiff Cruiser

Cardiff Cruiser Strawberry (Youth)


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Cardiff Cruiser

Cardiff Cruiser
Strawberry (Youth)



The Cruiser Strawberry (Youth) is the strawberry-colored youth skate in the Cruiser collection — our recreational line of Cardiff Skates. Skates from the Cruiser collection were designed to provide Cardiff Skates at a more affordable price while still maintaining the same high quality standards for which Cardiff Skate Company is known.

For tall and large youth, or youth with growing feet on the upper end of Cruiser Strawberry sizing, check out the Cruiser (Small) or S2 (Small) as an alternative to the Cruiser Strawberry (Youth) skate.

  • Fits U.S. shoe sizes Youth 12 to Boys' 5
  • Fits U.S. shoe sizes Youth 12 to Girls' 6
  • Fits Europe shoe sizes 30 to 37
  • 180 day warranty from date of purchase
  • 72MM/82A side wheels, 64MM/82A front and brake wheels
  • Patented Automatic Size Adjustment™ technology and wheel configuration for maximum stability
  • Weight capacity: 45 lbs - 120 lbs

What's the difference between the Cruiser Strawberry and the S3?

The Cruiser Strawberry and the S3 (Youth) look similar in design and function, but the Cruiser Strawberry are recreational skates while the S3 are high-performance skates. Some of the differences include length of warranty (180 Days vs 1 Year), ABEC 5 bearing quality (Carbon vs Standard metal), brake material (Composite vs Forged Aluminum), stitching style, and color. Simply put, both skates perform well, but the S3 (Youth) will have a little higher performance.