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How It Works


Automatic Size Adjustment

Cardiff Skates are designed to automatically adjust to your size when you step in them, giving you not only a perfect fit every time, but also the ability to wear most pairs of shoes with them! You can conveniently ride them to work, the beach, or run errands – without needing to carry along another pair of shoes to switch into when you're done. And since our skates automatically adjust to different sizes, they're ideal for kids, teens, and young adults with growing feet.

Unique Wheel Configuration

Unlike other skates on the market, Cardiff Skate's wheel configuration gives riders unique stability and maneuverability when skating and braking. Our skates ride on three wheels in a setup designed to provide users with a more balanced and stable experience. These wheels are mounted to the front and sides of our skates. A fourth wheel, used exclusively for braking, is mounted to the rear of the skate and rests off the ground when not in use. Because it's included on both skates, riders can brake with whichever foot is more comfortable for them.

Skating Lessons

Instruction Manual

For instructions and safety information, please refer to our Reference Guide [pdf] or Translations page.