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Our Story



The Cardiff Skate Company was founded in beautiful Cardiff, California, where spending time outdoors is more than just a way to have fun and stay in shape—it's a way of life.

With our innovative and patented design, we set out to redefine the skating industry, and more importantly, bring skating back to life. Unlike other skates on the market, Cardiff Skates are uniquely designed to automatically adjust to your size. They can be worn with your favorite pair of shoes, are easily shared between friends, and expand to fit your kids' growing feet! 

Step on, strap in, and skate away!

  • 2004: With the huge decline in skating combined with the success of the scooter, inventor Brian Green set out to create a skating experience that could be enjoyed by skaters of all abilities.
  • 2008: After a few years of testing various wheel configurations, Green took his design to a distinguished product design group in Munich. Marwin Productdesign helped him perfect the optimal positioning of the wheels for stability and the Automatic Size Adjustment™ (ASA) technology. Cardiff's patented ASA™ technology expands to fit the size of most shoes, allowing a single pair of skates to be comfortably worn by different shoe sizes.
  • 2009: An outstanding industrial design firm in California helped us streamline the design of our skates and create a binding system that allows the chassis to quickly, comfortably, and securely strap on to most shoes.
  • 2010: With the help of a well-respected and noteworthy skate manufacturer in Asia, we made the first production prototypes to field-test over the next two years.
  • 2011: Brian Green introduced our skates to Bob Pollack, who immediately recognized the potential of Cardiff Skate technology to redefine the market. Pollack came in as a partner to help develop and refine the skates, strategy, and business plan for product launch.
  • 2012: While developing a long-term business plan and working on financing arrangements, Pollack and Green evolved their vision and performed further research on the market.
  • 2013: Cardiff Skate Co. officially launched February 1, 2013, with Bob Pollack as CEO and Brian Green as VP Product. Together they assembled a highly talented and experienced team of passionate professionals whom all shared a common goal: to bring the Cardiff Skate Company to life and bring you the highest quality and most convenient, comfortable, stable and fun way to cruise around. This year, the Cardiff team developed and launched the S1 and S2 models of Cardiff Skates at select Brookstone and Sport Chalet stores.
  • 2014: Cardiff Skates launched nationwide at all Brookstone stores and a select number of Costco stores. Internationally, Cardiff Skate Co. launched in several territories. New models were developed for a product launch in 2015, including our first line of Youth skates.
  • 2015: In early spring, in order to complement their high-performance S-series skates, Cardiff Skate Co. introduced the Cardiff Cruisers – a new line of recreational skates. Available in Large, Small, and Youth sizes, Cardiff Cruisers officially launched on May 10 with a retail debut in all 1,795 Target stores nationwide. A series of commercials across both cable and satellite markets supported the launch. In addition to this new line of recreational skates, a Youth size was added to the performance S-series.