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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



What are Cardiff Skates?

Cardiff Skates are bootless, strap-in skates that can be worn with your favorite pair of shoes! Unlike traditional inline and roller skates, Cardiff Skates have a patented wheel configuration and unique braking system, resulting in the most stable skate in the industry. This allows more people to instantly begin enjoying their skates, and because each skate adjusts to the rider's feet, they can be easily shared with others. They also go on and off in seconds!


How do they work?

Cardiff Skates expand by simply holding the back of the skate with one hand and pulling the front of the skate with the other. The skate will lock open with an audible click as the heel plate pops up. Then, the rider steps onto the skate with the foot straps undone or fully loosened. As the back of their foot presses down on the heel plate, the skate will automatically adjust to size. After buckling and securing the strap(s) snug over their shoe, and repeating the same steps for their other foot, they're ready to ride! 

Stride one foot at a time as you would a traditional skate. To turn, slightly raise one front wheel off the ground and pivot your heel on that skate's two side wheels. Brake by putting one foot forward and raising its front wheel off the ground to engage the braking wheel on the back of the skate.

For safety, we recommend riders be seated when putting on their Cardiff Skates. Riders should wear protective gear and observe all safety precautions when using Cardiff Skates. Note that in order to expand our skates, you don't need to touch the heel plate. Holding down the heel plate actually prevents the skates from locking open.

For more information and a video demonstration, please see How It Works.


How do I get started?

For information on how to wear and operate Cardiff Skates, please refer to our How To videos and Instruction Manual.


Which skates will fit me?

Because our skates are size adjustable, riders often fit into more than one model of Cardiff skates. The Sizing Chart page will help you determine which model(s) of Cardiff skates work with your shoe size.

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What's the maximum weight limit?

All Cardiff Skates have a minimum weight requirement of 45lbs, but the recommended maximum weight limits vary depending on the model of our skates:


What's the difference between Cardiff Cruisers and the S-series of skates?

Though Cardiff Cruisers and the S-series look similar in design and function, the Cruisers are our recreational skates and the S-series are our performance skates. Some of the differences include length of warranty (6 Months vs 12 Months), bearing quality (Standard metal vs Chrome ball bearings), wheel quality (High Rebound vs Super High Rebound), wheel width, wheel durometer, brake material, stitching style and color. Simply put, both skates perform well, but the S-series will be a little faster and have a little higher performance.


What's the difference between recreational and regular use?

"Recreational use" refers to more casual skating whereas "regular use" refers to skating for a longer duration and with greater frequency.

The S-series is recommended over the Cruiser collection for regular use because it's covered by a longer warranty and features the best brakes, bearings, and wheel quality offered by Cardiff Skate Company.


I see only small and large sizes... Where's your medium skates?

Because our skates are size adjustable, there's actually an overlap in the shoe sizes compatible with our small and large skates. For that reason, we don't produce any specific medium-sized Cardiff Skates.

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If I'm in-between sizes, which is best for me?

That depends on whom you'd like to share them with and whether or not you (or they) have growing feet. Though everyone's situation is unique and we offer no fixed recommendations, we generally suggest that:


How often do I have to replace the wheels?

We recommend replacing the wheels every 100 miles travelled. Replacement wheels are available in our Online Store.


Where can I find product specifications?

Specifications are available on the product pages for each of our skates – just click on the "Features" tab beside the description information.


What is the benefit of Cardiff Skates to the rider?

Thanks to our patented wheel configuration and Automatic Size Adjustment™ technology, riders benefit from a smoother, more stable ride – whether they're skating for exercise or just having fun. And because Cardiff Skates expand in size, you won't have to buy a new pair of skates every time you outgrow your shoes!