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There's A New Skate In Town

Simpler Strap-in Design

No bulky boots or laces to tie! Cardiff Skates easily strap over your shoes and their easy-on, easy-off design makes skating simpler than ever before.

Automatic Size Adjustment™ Technology

Each pair of Cardiff Skates is created with patented auto-adjusting size technology to cover a wide range of shoe sizes.

For the first time ever, you can share your skates with your friends and your kids won't grow out of them for a long, long time.

Improved Stability & Maneuverablity

Unlike old-school roller skates or inline skates, Cardiff Skates have a triangular wheel configuration.

A fourth wheel, used exclusively for braking, is mounted on the rear of the skate for unrivaled maneuverability and stability whether you're cruising, braking, or standing perfectly still.

What Our Customers Say

"I LOVE THESE!! I used to skate a lot when younger in Central Park and indoor rinks. Back then, I had quad skates. I’ve been looking for new skates for a long time, but did not want inline, and women’s skates came with white or pink boots that I did not want. I wanted black boots, but never knew what men’s size to buy... I can slip them over sneakers or shoes, it takes seconds to adjust and tighten the straps, and off I go. The 3 wheels are brilliant. They are not bulky or heavy to wear. Thank you so much!"

- Sabine

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